Simple Strategies to stay safe from Medicare Fraud

Are you planning to enroll with Medicare supplement plans, you must also know the ways to stay protected from Medicare frauds.

Nowadays, the stolen numbers of Medicare has become a chance to loot. These numbers are used to bill Medicare for supplies and services that were never received or provided, thereby the reimbursements get pocketed.

Follow these tips to help you stay safe and avoid fraud, during Medicare Open Enrollment that is in the period Oct. 15 – Dec. 7. This is also the period that you can find an increase in fraud activity.

Keep Your Medicare Card safe

Your Medicare card should be very safe, same as you keep your credit card or the Social Security card. Do not give the Medicare number over the phone to any stranger. Straightly deny giving your number or card to anyone but to your authorized Medicare provider or doctor.

Be Wary about Bogus Medicare Plans

Criminals use Open Enrollment period to tempt you with services, products and phony plans. The aim is to get the Medicare number. There may be people asking your Medicare details promising to offer free medical products or services. This may be a scam.

Door-to-Door Salespeople are deceptive

Do not believe the medical supplies appearing as door-to-door salesperson. A very important point to remember is that Medicare supplement plans or Medicaid do not send representatives to sell insurance services or products. The insurance agents do come to your home, only if you have requested them to do so.

Scour Medicare Statements

Medicare supplement plans or any of your private insurance providers may send periodic statements about the received health care. Read them carefully and verify if you have received the services and products. Report if you suspect an error.

Report Fraud

The moment you suspect fraud, you must check with the provider. This can be a misunderstanding or even a simple mistake.  You can inform your state senior Medicare patrol. They will have volunteers and workers to help you in determining that you are a victim of the fraud. In case, it is a fraud case, they will escalate it to government investigators.


Fraud activity in the Medicare plans usually gets picked up during the Open Enrollment period starting from (Oct. 15—Dec. 7). This is the right time you must safeguard your Medicare and Social Security numbers, so that it does not reach wrong hands and is not misused.