3 Valuable Reasons for a New Medicare Plan to Shop and consider right Medicare option

People choosing a plan mostly enroll in Medicare supplement plans and do not consider looking back.   After enrolling, they stay simply with the plan every year. The Part D and Medicare Advantage plans renew automatically every year.

The renewal of automatic plans is easier, but it is best to review the plan benefits of your existing Medicare supplement plans. This is because the costs and coverage may change every year, and so you have to look after your health care needs.

Here are 3 pointers revealing the importance why you should shop for a different plan. The questions help in deciding if there is a good reason:


  1. Save Money. Consider these questions before deciding:
  • How much are the existing plan premiums you have?
  • What are the coinsurance and co-pays amounts you wish to be accountable for?
  • What are the deductible you wish to owe?
  • Will you want a cover for health care services that you use?
  • What other health care services or planned surgeries you must consider?
  1. Use the Hospitals, Pharmacies and Doctors You Prefer
  • Are the doctors or providers you prefer a part of your Medicare supplement plans network?
  • Are you ready to look for a different doctor so that you are within a plan network?
  1. Manage Your Prescription Drug costs and Medications costs
  • Does your plan formulary have the prescription drugs that you take? In which tiers?
  • What will the co-pay be as you fill up a prescription?
  • Will the co-pay be different for brand-name drugs vs. generic?
  • Is this doctor prescribed as new medications?
  • Have you stopped recently taking prescription drugs?

Each October, everyone is ready for the cold winter and it is the time to set aside to consider the healthcare needs. This can be done by shopping for Medicare health of high quality and to consider relevant drug plans perfectly in the Open Enrollment period.

Medicare open enrollment starts on October 15 and is till 7th December. This is also the best time to access health coverage high-quality choices as the premiums are lower and the options are more. It means to find plans that are less expensive buy offers best customer service and quality care.

The Medicare Supplement plans are required with the Medicare Advantage plans to support the other costs. Look for choices and consider the benefits you will receive and settle for the best Medicare option.